About Marie

A global nomad since birth, Marie draws inspiration from the European Mediterranean (where her studio is based), the home she shares with her life partner in the heart of south East Asia and Colombia, where her blood ties intertwined with French roots continue to shape her aesthetic references

Her life call is to work on things that require love and passion, and so while not easy juggling planes between her work and her family she started the namesake Marie de la Roche.


‘I’ve always believed that excellent quality goes the mile. My father is a dandy, albeit a slightly kooky one. He’s truly driven by uniqueness and quality, which are values that thanks to our father-daughter shopping adventures while I was growing up, resonate with me until today.

Seeing how many pieces I bought then are still with me today, I set out to create special pieces that would withstand the test of time by design and craftsmanship; pieces that’d become instrumental to telling your own story.’

 A labor of love to construction, boldness, color and European fine craftsmanship, respecting sustainability and eco practices while envisioning strong beautiful pieces for all lovers of life out there.