About The Brand

Marie De la Roche was introduced to the Middle East in 2015. The brand focuses on bold playful couture details splashed on exquisite quality statement bags.

Our Brand

“Marie De la Roche is a vibrant, indulgent, uniquely designed tribute to women everywhere who want to feel amazing everyday”

Our values

From the start, our brand is made for women designed by women. We walk the emotional tightrope between practicality and beauty to fit the lifestyle of a woman who isn’t afraid of being who she is, a woman who loves many things and is eager to learn new things and go out to the world as her marvelous self.

Our craft
Our bags are made with honesty and passion. We work with Italian tanneries that treat animals humanely.
 Our pieces are made by hand in Portugal with extreme attention to quality and details by family owned leather workshops.

Our success means their trade and craft continues to be passed down to the next generation.