Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Today with ... Lamic Kirabo

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We met Lamic on a beautiful Sunday morning while shooting for our collaboration with jewelry designer Jude Benhalim. Her sense of humor took us by surprise and it ended up being such a hilariously fun shoot!

1. Tell us about Lamic K, who are you?

I am a 23 year old business student, fashion and culture blogger, photographer and model. In general I am super interested and passionate about global fashion and art, and spend as much time as I can learning, submersing and working in it.

2. Where is home?

Home is Uganda, I was born and raised in Uganda so that will always be home for me, but I am increasingly a Third Culture kid with family in The States, London, Nairobi, spending stints in different places, home could easily be anywhere.

3. You’ve lived in many places, tell us a bit about that

Traveling has always been such a joy for me, and I have been blessed to do a lot of it recently, for me living in different places has really opened my eyes to how interconnected and similar we are, and really solidified my belief that the future of fashion is global brands interacting with a global consumer.

4. You dabble between fashion business school, photography and modeling, which is your favorite right now?

I think my first love is photography, visual documentation. Although I do not think I could just be a photographer, there is a part of me that likes the creation of imagery but not necessarily just point and shoot, I love the finding new places to shoot, and seeing these places through a different lens with each shot, capturing images and the stories and life behind those images, that will always be my favorite.

5. How did blogging come about? What’s your favorite part of it?

I was always interested in small local brands in the places I lived. I was never that much into the big hype brands, and even when I was interested in the big names, what interested me more about them was their history, how they managed to export certain cultures, or what their story was, fashion for me has always been a representation and expression of culture, and that’s is what I wanted to discover and share when I started ThirdLocal my blog. Local standing for local brands, and third because we are living in a world where we are all increasingly becoming

DzThird Culture Kidsdz and global citizens. Discovering new brands, discovering new cultures through those brands.

6. Which bloggers’ styles inspire you?

Currently I love @beatrice.gutu (thefashioncuisine.com) she has incredible style, and one of my favorite travel and lifestyle bloggers @asyamigold (asiyamigold.com) who also has great style.

7. You live in one of the dreamiest cities in the world, what are some of your favorite things to do in Paris?

Paris is full of so many secrets, I have lived here for a year and yet I feel I have just scratched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the hidden gems. I love to explore, find new cafes, streets that take your breath away... my favorite thing to do is to just wander around, which I get to do a lot of since I am always looking for a new place to shoot.

8. What do you wish you knew before you moved?

To be honest, I think my naivety and openness to the city has worked a lot in my favor. I mean do your research, I spent months doing research before I came, but Paris is a city that you need to come to with an open heart. But in practicality, when it comes to saving money, there is always a cheaper option in Paris. I now know literally everywhere to get a bargain, a cheaper coffee and the best baguette at 1EURO, because most of the touristy places are huge rip-offs.

9. Paris is such a great place for photography, what are your favorite spots to take amazing shots?

I love Montmartre, where I did a shoot with MDLR + Jude Benhalim.

It has the cutest little streets and cafes, I also love the Le Marais area, I haven’t yet explored it as much as I want to, so you are probably going to be seeing a lot more shoots from that area.

10. How did your adventure with photography started

I always loved image creating, I wanted to be an artist growing up, and still paint once in a while, I started taking pictures though when I was really young,

my dad had an old vinty camera, he did not use it, it was one of his precious items, and he would keep it locked in a closet, I remember sneaking into the closet to steal it so I could take pictures, probably just out of curiosity. He found out and got really mad, but when he saw the pictures I was taking he actually let me use it. I started with that old camera, and slowly saved enough money to buy my own, and here we are.

11. Who are some of your favorite photographers?

I love Trevor Stuurman, Jamie Beck of @annstreetstudio , @yagaziemezi, photographers who are using their lenses to tell different cultural narratives, I think it is so needed right now.

12. It’s no easy balancing as many things as you do, what’s your go-to motto to lift yourself up when things are overwhelming?

I do get overwhelmed a lot, and I think my generation in particular is so prone to this, we are constantly connected, constantly seeing images and content that

is telling us we have to do more, be more, buy more. It can be a lot sometimes. I am learning to be kinder with myself.

When I get overwhelmed I stop, take a break, and then I focus on

the now. What is the next right thing to do in this moment, sometimes that is to put my hair up and sleep, other times that is to stop obsessing over my Instagram and do an assignment. Reminding myself to stay in the present helps a lot with worry, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, all I really have is this moment.

13.What would you tell young girls who are only starting to find their passion?

Passion is one thing, but make a plan, set goals, work your plan. Take the initiative to educate yourself on your chosen path, learn about money, about time management, about investing.

These are things many times as creatives and as women we tend to avoid, but the best thing to match your talent or passion with is know-how, skill, and

education. I do not think you have to take a course, or get a degree or whatever. Take time to listen to podcasts, read books, find mentors, read articles and blogs if you have a passion fill your time with what will propel it.

Lastly be kind to yourself in your journey, it takes time, and we are all on our own individual journeys, and dealing with learning and unlearning about ourselves on this journey... so be open to and kind your own.