Welcome to our blog! We are MDLR

A global accessory brand rooted on traditional European manufacturing techniques; a

mish mash if you will of a third culture kid point of view and her life experiences around the world, on a mission to create the perfect bold bag

As a brand, we don't only dabble into the design and business aspects of fashion

industry, but we also try our best to make our journey as meaningful as possible.

That is why we would like to take you on this wild ride with us!

We will be sharing our work, our life hacks (just for you), stories from people we admire, interesting places that we love, our events and pop ups and so much more.

Our blog will definitely be the best source to keep you updated on all our shenanigans.

While we're at it, we will give you sneak peeks of how fun (and challenging) is working on getting your brand out there. We intend to serve justice to the realness of the fashion world through our stories and the inspiring people we know.

We hope to give you the best reader's experience in exploring our brand and

the fashion world as we grow. After all, fashion has always been about exploration!

Let us give you the front-row seat.

Team M